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Acadiate Showcase

The Showcase is one of the most effective tools to help job applicants go beyond the resume to market their talents and soft skills not easily presented within a resume that on average improves one’s employer appeal by 177%.

Acadiate U

Acadiate's Talent Marketing Resources

Students and new grads are often unsure of the job application process and how employers screen & evaluate them. We have compiled a library of instructional material demystifying the process while providing actionable tactics to stand-out from the crowd.


Application Tracker

Stay organized! Access job application tracking tools that help you better plan and execute your job search. Take notes, store job descriptions, and keep on top of deadlines!

Weekly workshops

Weekly live online workshops

Searching for a job is a lonely and stressful process, participating in open and regular live forums allows users to hear other’s challenges and get insight into applying for specific jobs.

Why Acadiate works

Curate on a job to job basis

Portfolio websites are a great way to capture your work but they're not very well suited for the time constraints of a job application. Employers don't have time to dive into everyone's websites so you need to curate and bring it all together for them.

Recruiter aligned

Recruiters have a way of making decisions when screening. The Showcase has gone through hundreds of revisions to ensure it aligns with recruiter processes and presents your information in a way that makes it more consumable.

Total Control

Users have total control over their Acadiate account. Each Showcase has its own private link that can be shared with employers. You can delete or modify any of your Showcases and changes are reflected in real time.

Get started for free. Transparent pricing and upgrades.

Acadiate Basic can be used for free indefinitely. For a lot of users it will be enough, for those who want more, they can upgrade for only $249 / year. If your University program has a Network on Acadiate you can get Premium at a discounted price or even free.

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Learn how to win jobs

Acadiate U

Understanding how to win the job goes far deeper than putting together a resume and cover letter. Acadiate U will help you understand what employers are looking for and how you can show it to them.

Create compelling job applications

Showcase Example

Use fast, effective, and customizable online Showcases of your assets in your job applications. Our Showcase format is preferred by 9 out of 10 employers we've surveyed.

See a recruiter's reaction to the Showcase

Plan & track your job applications

Job Tracking

Know where you stand in all your job applications. Where you've applied, when you've applied, what you applied with, take notes, and know when employers have reviewed your applications on Acadiate and across the web.

Your privacy matters

Privacy is important. Your resume and information shouldn't be added to countless databases and sold to the highest paying recruiters and employers. At least not without your explicit permission. Privacy is the online equivalent of respect and we respect our users. This means you are in total control of your account and all its content.

No ads

Our business model doesn't rely on ads. Free Acadiate accounts are subsidized by our revenues from higher education institutions and individuals who pay for Acadiate Plus.

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Some schools provide Students & Grads with free access to Acadiate.
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