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Acadiate is your self marketing platform.

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Your self marketing platform

Own your account

You have total ownership over your account, even if you created your account through your school.

Control your privacy

Privacy and transparency are at the core of Acadiate. The only way anyone can see anything you've created in your account is if you explicitly share it.

Capture, build, and share your value

Acadiate shows you how to leverage your education and work to win more opportunities. Use Acadiate in the classroom, for job applications & school applications, scholarships, and more.

Build a process that works for you

Talent marketing is different for everyone. Acadiate will help you find your own unique voice and approach.

A crash course on job winning

Getting a great job is hard. Acadiate helps you get up to speed fast.

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Win your dream job

Learn how to succeed

Getting a job is hard, getting a great job is even harder. Acadiate gives you a smart and effective approach to landing your dream job.

Impress recruiters

Anyone can put together an attractive resume, go above and beyond. Acadiate helps you go beyond the resume to create applications that recruiters rate 2.8X higher.
Include media, supporting documents, links, references and more.

Improve at your own pace

The urgency for improved talent marketing is different for everyone. On Acadiate, you can develop your talent marketing as quickly or slowly as you'd like.

Be more than your job description

Acadiate helps you keep your edge and progressing in the right direction.

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Drive your career forward

Get unstuck

It's easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day activities of your job. Acadiate keeps you focused on the bigger picture and helps you reflect on the things that will push your career forward.

Be prepared

You never know when your next opportunity will come up. If you aren’t ready, these opportunities can pass you by. Acadiate ensures you are always capturing your value so you can project it when you need to.

Show coworkers your value

You offer far more value than your job description. The problem is that your coworkers may not see it. You can use Acadiate to give your coworkers greater insight into what you offer.

Look 2.8X Better to Employers
Acadiate's Showcase shows employers what you truly have to offer.

  • Include resume, cover letter, work examples, awards, video intros, references, and more.
  • Share with any employer using a private link
  • Customizable on a Job to Job basis
  • Track views

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Talent Marketing Resources
Learn the ins and outs of talent marketing. Why it matters, why it's so difficult, and how you can stand out.

  • Talent Marketing 101 Series
  • Recruiter Interviews
  • Free online workshops


Stay on top of your applications
Stay organized in your job hunt.

  • Keep track of all your applications in one place
  • Gauge importance of each opportunity to you
  • Take notes on applications

Access a Better Education
Acadiate's Showcase can help you get into the best programs.

  • Include resume, cover letter, work examples, awards, video intros, references, and more.
  • Share with any educator using a private link
  • Track views

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Better Scholarship Applications
Go beyond the application requirements with the Acadiate Showcase.

  • Share better more compelling assets
  • Share with any scholarship reviewer using a private link
  • Customizable on a scholarship to scholarship basis
  • Track views

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Get ahead
Capture, benchmark, and market your career development progress.

  • Learn how to better market yourself with Talent Marketing 101
  • See yourself the way top recruiters want to see you
  • Use Acadiate to build employer relationships

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Privacy Shield

Privacy & Effective Talent Marketing Work Hand in Hand

Acadiate is designed from the ground up to ensure you are the gatekeeper to your information at all times.

  • We do not sell user data
  • We do not use you to sell advertising
  • Showcases are not indexed by popular search engines

Frequently Asked Questions

Acadiate does not share or resell our users personal information. Our revenue model is subscription based either paid by the educators or directly by users that upgrade to Acadiate Pro. On Acadiate, users are the gatekeepers to their own information at all times. You can choose what you’d like to share and who you’d like to share it with using the Showcase.

1. From academic institutions that provide Acadiate Pro accounts to their students.
2. From users who upgrade themselves to Acadiate Pro.

Acadiate’s free basic account includes 3 ad-free Showcases, access to select live workshops, the first 3 chapters of Talent Marketing 101, the Tracker (to track applications), and an ad-free environment.

Pro accounts allow unlimited Showcases, access to school clusters, access to all of Talent 101, access to live webinars with employment experts and access to a library of self-help pre-recorded webinars on how to be successful in standing out from the crowd and win the top jobs for graduates.

Only individuals you share your Showcase link with can view it. Showcases are not indexed by Google, so it will not appear in search results. We believe that users need a safe and private space to develop their own professional brand and should have control to specify who they share that brand with. 

We provide email support for Acadiate Basic and Acadiate Pro users. Acadiate Pro users will get priority support.  

No, you own your own account. The school may pay to upgrade your account to Acadiate Pro or enable access to their private school network, but this does not provide them with access into your account. Any personal information they may have access to, is based on you explicitly choosing to share it by attaching it to a Showcase and sharing it with the school by either joining a Cluster or sharing the Showcase link.  

By joining the school network, you need to comply with their network privacy and personal conduct policies. Non-compliance may lead to you being removed from their network, but the school cannot delete your account or the contents within it.  

The advantage of this structure is that you own your account for life and any items you upload or create on Acadiate will remain with you, unlike your school LMS accounts, which is typically deleted within 6 months of graduation.