Advanced Community Engagement Tools

Maximize learning through greater engagement and connectivity

Provide the richest, multimedia experience

Robust and flexible format for individual presenters to present a wide gammet of infographics in their own space

Empower students, faculty or exhibitors to market their value

Showcase rich with conten
Image of Showcase showing communication area

Communicate YOUR way!

Web-Calls, E-Mail, Chat, Comments with conversation threads, contact form, calendar books, social media networks and more

Compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GotoMeeting, Twitter, Instagram and more

Presenters and students can share their work by embedding popular 3rd party apps

Works with Vimeo, YouTube, Miro, Slido, Google Maps, Microsoft 365 (Powerpoint, Sway, etc), Google Docs, and more

Image of two talking with third party apps underneath
Networking Zone Image

Unique Networking Directory

Enable attendees to participate in a networking zone for peer-to-peer direct engagement

Share research and collaborate by enabling attendees to easily seek out and find each other