Host Your Online Orientation Week!

Promote your school and its programs with an Open House

Help prospective students find the right program

Attend information sessions, Q & A's and workshops

Offer different experiences with group or one-on-one sessions

Ask questions by live video, chat, comments or a scheduler

Browse program booths and download resources

Enable individual recruiters to host their own booths


Empower programs and campus services to manage their own branding

Design booths with custom branding, videos and downloadable resources

Host informational sessions with live Q & A

Communicate with students in open chats or setup one-on-one chats

Centrally manage the booths or hand-over to the program

Enable your recruitment team to deliver an exceptional event

Build a custom event with multiple areas and unique content

Run multiple open houses over the standard 90 days, each different

Use a calendar schedule app showing What's On - This week and next

Leverage analytics to understand attendee behaviour and key metrics

Get consultative briefing from Acadiate staff to understand event metrics

Multiple access options from private link to email authentication