Great Looking Branded School Communities

Delight your audience with a clean, visually strong look

Customize your brand across the entire community

Advanced branding options throughout including user accounts

Ryerson Open House Screenshots
Norwich Great Looking Event

Visually stunning and pleasant experience

Acadiate communities are dominated by imagery and multimedia, not gimmicks, or ads.

Engage attendees and infuse energy into your community

Bright your community to life, with feeds from Instagram, Twitter, Live Streaming, and more

See how you can expand student engagement in online communities with Interactive Third-Party Integrations, press here:

Interactive Integrations Example

Photo of open house on mobile table and desktop

Automatically adjusts interface for mobile and tablet users

No need for cellphone apps or extra steps for community access, ensure maximum conversion

Intuitive navigation that is easy to browse

Delight attendees with natural and efficient navigation paths

Picture of girl on smartphone