So Easy Your Faculty Will Actually Use It

Digital portfolio solutions can only drive positive outcomes if they're used. We've spent years simplifying the digital portfolio experience. With Acadiate, it's easier than ever for faculty to create and manage their teaching portfolios.

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Easy & Intuitive for Faculty

Most users master the portfolio building process in under five minutes using our guided and structured portfolio builder. No coding required.

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Faculty Ownership for Life

Unlike most portfolios solutions administered by schools - faculty own their accounts even if they leave the school which drives much higher faculty engagement.

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Optimized for Teacher Data

Our teaching and research focused categories help ensure that your faculty are collecting the right information for success.

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Faculty Development Resources

Acadiate has resources and webinars that will inspire and help your faculty understand how to more clearly showcase themselves and accelerate their career.

Support and Facilitate Faculty Development

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Make it Easier for Your Faculty to Organize and Prepare Their Teaching Dossier

Provide your faculty with a dedicated place to capture, store, and reflect on their teaching and research practice.

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Give Your School a Safe and Private Space to Easily Manage and Review Faculty Dossiers

Collecting and reviewing digital portfolios is easy on Acadiate. Real-time access to teaching dossiers, individually or in groups, is only a click away.

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Increase Faculty Interest In Their Own Development

Digital portfolios can help faculty see and reflect on their own development on a teacher leading. This increased self-awareness leads to increased faculty engagement in development initiatives.

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Strengthen Faculty Community & Automate Mentorship

Faculty can share their portfolios with each other easily to elevate the interest they take in each other. Acadiate also has a powerful and easy way to automate faculty mentorship.

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