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We're pretty excited about Acadiate. The fact that students have been so interested in using Acadiate demonstrates that it's a superior way for them to show their skills.
- Rhonda McEwen, PhD
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After pretty significant vetting and looking at what would serve our needs at Norwich University. We found a company called Acadiate, we feel this is a contemporary, robust, and evolving system.
- William Clements, PhD

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Bring Your Reflective Learning Practices Into Focus with Acadiate





Student Insights

Help your professors understand and be better prepared for their students.

Classroom Capture

Classroom Reflection

Drive student reflection of readings, assignment, projects and more.

Life Capture

Life Experience

Gain insights into other valuable learning experiences students are acquiring.


Showcase & Cluster

Students and your program actively see how students are responding to your curriculum.

Inspire and Motivate Student Reflection

Reinforce your curriculum with frequent reflective learning

Acadiate enhances the program experience by giving students a place to manage their reflective practice. Enhanced reflective practice leads to students who see greater program relevance, heightened self awareness, and increased career preparedness. 

Spark deeper discussions into course curriculum connecting course content with its real-world application. Empower students by placing them at the center of their own reflective practice, all within an easy-to-use online interface.

Dr. Tucker Harding
Columbia University, Teachers College,
POD Network Member

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Gain New Student Insights

Better visually assess how students comprehend their education

Acadiate’s easy private sharing and grouping functionality enable professors to better gauge student’s understanding at the end of a course, but also sharing of their previous work at the beginning of the course enables professors to adjust their teaching to the special needs of their students.

Dr. Tucker Harding
Columbia University, Teachers College,
POD Network Member

Works with Any Reflective Model

Versatile and flexible to fit your needs

There are many reflective practice methodologies, each with their own strengths and applications. Design frequent and customized meaningful reflection throughout your curriculum and improve students learning.

Dr. Tucker Harding
Columbia University, Teachers College,
POD Network Member


Drive Stronger Academic Performance

Reflective learning helps students thrive, regardless of discipline

Whether you are a professor, department head, or institutional leader, Acadiate can help you achieve your goals. Get industry leading instructional design services and technical support from Acadiate along the way, and help increase student’ return on their educational investment.

Save Time Administrating Reflective Learning Outside the Classroom

Tools that are simple to use and powerful in practice

From learning resources to live webinars, job application and tracking tools to mentorship, Acadiate helps your students become better students. Let Acadiate handle the busywork so you can focus on the activities that deserve your time and attention.

Dr. Tucker Harding
Columbia University, Teachers College,
POD Network Member

Free Time

No IT required - quick and easy to deploy

Get up and running on Acadiate in less than a week

What surprises our partners is how easy Acadiate is to deploy and use. We’ve simplified processes for the academic environment, no need for IT support. Feel the freedom to focus on quality reflection instead of technical details. Contact our team to see how Acadiate can help you implement and achieve your reflective practice goals today.

Dr. Tucker Harding
Columbia University, Teachers College,
POD Network Member

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See how Acadiate can work for your needs with a no obligations, no pressure, risk-free pilot.


Frequently Asked Questions

Reflective learning and reflective practice are important tools in both academic and professional learning settings. People learn better from their studies or own experiences, by more explicitly engaging additional thought by either thinking, discussing or writing. It may be the most important source of personal professional development and improvement one can undertake. It is also an important way to bring together theory and practice; through reflection a person can better understand theory within the context of his or her own work. A person who reflects throughout his or her practice is not just looking back on past actions and events, but is taking a conscious look at emotions, experiences, actions, and responses, and using that information to add to his or her existing knowledge base and reach a higher level of understanding and professional projection of themselves to others.

Acadiate enables and supports different levels of reflective practice with many levels of reflection mechanisms. It is up to each school, program or faculty member to configure the ideal reflection points, questions and frequency. The platform supports academic journals that can be stand-alone reflection journals or connect with particular schoolwork to contextualize the reflection. 

Acadiate also provides a pathway for students to repurpose coursework for potential presentation to employers to show transferable skills and knowledge. Acadiate takes students through an additional layer of reflection to search, collect and adjust coursework to better project their professional persona in their field of study. 

Acadiate can get your program up and running in a few easy steps. (1) First is a consultation on what your needs and objectives are and how many students will using the platform, (2) Acadiate will setup a dedicated, school branded web portal to onboard your students, (3) Acadiate will setup the course or program clusters for students to share their Showcase work with the instructor to evaluate student progress. 

This implementation can be deployed within 48 hours and all technical support is provided by Acadiate. 

Yes, our platform supports mentorship. Our unique approach to matching mentees with mentors is through an application process using a Showcase, similar to applying to an employer for a job. The key advantage of our mentorship module, is setup is quick and easy and is fully automated, requiring very little faculty time. It also monitors and reports on the progress of the mentorships enabling any number of relationships and lengths of mentorship to be implemented.

The goal of our free trial is to prove our value to your institute and its students. Each school has different objectives and needs so we do not offer a one size fits all free pilot. We take a consultative approach and design free pilots to prove Acadiate can meet the specific needs of your school. Contact us for details on how to get your free trial started. 

Self Reflective Learning

Better Reflection | Better Students | Better Program

A powerful new way to improve learning and student employment outcomes.

Better admissions, retention, professional outcomes, and alumni engagement.

Student talent marketing impacts the biggest areas of your program.


A New Perspective on Program Outcomes
See your programs and students the way industry does.

  • Contrast educational outcomes with desired professional outcomes
  • See how students describe coursework to employers
  • Share insights with faculty and course designers
  • Foundation for Program Certification with regulatory groups

Capture and Project Experiential Learning
Infrastructure for more effective experiential learning initiatives.

  • Drives the capture and self reflection components of experiential learning
  • Better market the impact of experiential learning initiatives
  • Help students win more experiential learning opportunities

Structured Mentorship, Automated
Structured mentorship designed for academic environments

  • Saves hundreds of administrative hours
  • A safe and private network with full monitoring and quality control
  • Visible outcomes for program and students
  • Total flexibility for mentors

Better Portfolio Building
Portfolio building based on work examples, personality, engagement level and more for prospective students, current students, faculty, and alumni.

  • Perfect for any program that wants more than just grades
  • Easy to set up, receive, and review comprehensive Showcase applications
  • Great for homeschooling demographic and creative programs.

Health Care Recruiting, Nurturing, and Success
In collaboration with Springer Publishing Company, online recruitment events for the next generation of health care students.

  • Increase success rates
  • Get qualified pre-applications
  • Predict retention

Download Springer Publishing 2019 Media Kit

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Improve self reflection in the classroom
Align course assignments with self reflection objectives

  • Safe, private, and ad free environment suitable for students
  • Easily scalable to hundreds of students
  • Cluster students for review and marking by multiple teaching assistants
  • Used in hundreds of courses with thousands of students

Effective Online Career Development
A simple way to help students better market themselves.

  • End-to-end online talent marketing solutions
  • Works for on and off-campus students, anytime, anywhere
  • Employers rate candidates 2.8 times better
  • Student’s rate career services 50% better
  • Cost effective, cloud based, and fully hosted

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Collaborate with industry
Infrastructure to enable a new range of industry relationships

  • Enable easier and quick connectivity of your students with outside groups
  • Form new relationships with on-campus recruiters, alumni, organizations, and associations
  • Communicate & organize student participation in off-campus organizations
  • Improve the reputation of your program

Download a Case Study

Acadiate's resources and tools give you a place to benchmark your progress over time.

  • See yourself the way others do
  • Develop talent marketing and professionalism
  • Use Acadiate to build relationships

Showcase Preview

Talent marketing matters throughout the educational journey


For your prospective students, studies show that employability is now the most important criteria students assess when choosing a university program. For your current students, fears around whether or not their education will pay off in a rewarding career are what keeps them up at night. For your graduates, it defines the real world value and success of your program.