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We Know What Employers are Looking For In Your Students

More importantly, we know how to help your students show it to them.

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Talent Employers Talk About

Your students are amazing, they just need a little help to start bringing their professional image together. Things like examples of school work, video that shows presentation skills and personality, references, school mentors, social links and more.

Proactive Student Employability

Give employers access to highly relevant, customized, and professional looking students instantly. You can also have an interactive job board for employers, students, careers services staff, and other faculty.

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Mentorships Made Easy

Undergraduate Professional Mentorship Program students are 40% more likely to have a job upon graduation than non-participants.
Mentorship is becoming increasingly important for student growth and to create strong relationships between your students and alumni. The problem is that they require a lot of administrative resources to organize and maintain, until now.

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