Better admissions, retention, professional outcomes, and alumni engagement.

Student talent marketing impacts the biggest areas of your program.

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A New Perspective on Program Outcomes
See your programs and students the way industry does.

  • Contrast educational outcomes with desired professional outcomes
  • See how students describe coursework to employers
  • Share insights with faculty and course designers
  • Foundation for Program Certification with regulatory groups

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Capture and Project Experiential Learning
Infrastructure for more effective experiential learning initiatives.

  • Drives the capture and self reflection components of experiential learning
  • Better market the impact of experiential learning initiatives
  • Help students win more experiential learning opportunities

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Structured Mentorship, Automated
Structured mentorship designed for academic environments

  • Saves hundreds of administrative hours
  • A safe and private network with full monitoring and quality control
  • Visible outcomes for program and students
  • Total flexibility for mentors

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Better Portfolio Building
Portfolio building based on work examples, personality, engagement level and more for prospective students, current students, faculty, and alumni.

  • Perfect for any program that wants more than just grades
  • Easy to set up, receive, and review comprehensive Showcase applications
  • Great for homeschooling demographic and creative programs.

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Health Care Recruiting, Nurturing, and Success
In collaboration with Springer Publishing Company, online recruitment events for the next generation of health care students.

  • Increase success rates
  • Get qualified pre-applications
  • Predict retention

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Improve talent marketing from the classroom
Align course assignments with talent marketing objectives

  • Safe, private, and ad free environment suitable for students
  • Easily scalable to hundreds of students
  • Cluster students for review and marking by multiple teaching assistants
  • Used in hundreds of courses with thousands of students

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Effective Online Career Development
A simple way to help students better market themselves.

  • End-to-end online talent marketing solutions
  • Works for on and off-campus students, anytime, anywhere
  • Employers rate candidates 2.8 times better
  • Student’s rate career services 50% better
  • Cost effective, cloud based, and fully hosted

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Collaborate with industry
Infrastructure to enable a new range of industry relationships

  • Enable easier and quick connectivity of your students with outside groups
  • Form new relationships with on-campus recruiters, alumni, organizations, and associations
  • Communicate & organize student participation in off-campus organizations
  • Improve the reputation of your program

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Acadiate's resources and tools give you a place to benchmark your progress over time.

  • See yourself the way others do
  • Develop talent marketing and professionalism
  • Use Acadiate to build relationships

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Talent marketing matters throughout the educational journey


For your prospective students, studies show that employability is now the most important criteria students assess when choosing a university program. For your current students, fears around whether or not their education will pay off in a rewarding career are what keeps them up at night. For your graduates, it defines the real world value and success of your program.

University of Toronto
We're pretty excited about Acadiate. The fact that students have been so interested in using Acadiate and creating Showcases demonstrates that it's a superior way for them to show their skills. - Rhonda McEwen, ICCIT Director Watch Clip

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