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Student Employability Experts + Student Employability Platform

Program Level Talent Marketing
Engage, motivate, and inspire students to improve their talent marketing at the program level.

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Student Employability Experts + Student Employability Platform

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Top 3 questions program managers have about Acadiate

My students already have access to a career services department. How is Acadiate any different?

Career services departments provide students with an invaluable service. Most of the programs that use Acadiate also have access to a career services department. We believe that improving career development is about increasing the number of career development touch points for students. Acadiate was created to be a career development layer In fact, students from programs that use Acadiate are more likely to engage with career services. This is because Acadiate's program level approach inspires students to take a more active role in their own career development.

Motivate & engage students

A program is the best place to engage students in career development activities.

Career development has huge impact on the program

We use our insight to help university programs deploy powerful strategies that prepare students to be more successful graduates.

A safe & private environment for student talent marketing

Students deserve a talent marketing environment that is designed to protect and serve them - not advertisers. Our business model and platform are built from the ground up to put students first.

Students own their accounts

Students can add, change, or modify their information at any time. Students also have enhanced privacy options when sharing.

Ad free environment

Most 'career development' platforms drive engagement to serve ads. Your students are not our product. Talent marketing is.

We don’t sell student information to third parties.

A lot of 'free' services take your students personal information and sell it for profit. We aren't that kind of company.

Talent marketing impacts your most important program metrics


Talent marketing matters at all stages of the student lifecycle


For your prospective students, studies show that employability is now the most important criteria students assess when choosing a university program. For your current students, fears around whether or not their education will pay off in a rewarding career are what keeps them up at night. For your graduates, it defines the real world value and success of your program.

University of Toronto
We're pretty excited about Acadiate. The fact that students have been so interested in using Acadiate and creating Showcases demonstrates that it's a superior way for them to show their skills. - Rhonda McEwen, ICCIT Acting Director Watch Clip

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