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Acadiate is a personal showcasing platform built for the needs of today's students, faculty & professionals. Acadiate helps users maximize the value of their education, work, and experiences in an interactive, safe, and secure online environment.

It is our mission to propel the careers of our users by providing them with the best tools to showcase and connect their work & talents in today's digital world.

We believe everyone should have access to our digital tools and insights to take control of their career and grow it, which is why we make a number of features free for everyone for life. We do not exploit your personal information, resell it, or allow advertising in user accounts or in their showcases.

We are 100% funded by our subscription fees. We offer talent marketing solutions for personal clients and institutional clients tailored to their special needs. Our Higher Education clients use Acadiate as an effective self-reflection tool to facilitate deeper student learning and career preparation.

Acadiate was established in 2011. A passionate and active user-base rely on Acadiate daily to help them digitally showcase their value quickly and easily.



Zane Westmoreland

Co Founder

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David Murdoch

Co Founder

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Dr. Razaq Ijaduola

Co Founder