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Open houses, poster sessions, career and job fairs, case competitions, student club showcases, and other high value experiences that connect students, faculty, and the wider school community.

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One Platform. Endless Experiences.

Our partners have used the platform to run a wide range of educational experiences. From school poster sessions, to recruitment open houses, all the way to mentorship directories.

Poster & Research Sessions

The easiest way to have your students show off their work. Take the poster session to the next level with live video conferencing, chat, or comments.
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Open Houses & Recruitment Events

Give potential students an intuitive and engaging recruitment experience. Incorporate student favourites like Kahoot, Discord, Live Streaming, and more.
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Career Fairs & Talent Showcases

Showcase employers better in less time! Change the game for students with Talent Zones!
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Student Club Showcases

Give your clubs a central place to showcase their clubs, their events, resources, and more.
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Student Support Experiences

School and life are becoming increasingly stressful, create incredible and innovative online experiences to help students destress!
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Student Orientation

The fastest way for new students to learn the ins and outs of what it means to be a student on your campus. Use as an on-demand resource, a live event, or a combination of both!

Case Competitions

Create a stunning environment where students can share their best ideas and solutions - in a level playing field that looks professional and is easy to use.

and Much Much More

Faculty Development Symposiums, Mentorship Showcases, Thematic Learning Experiences, Affinity Group Events, Hackathons, Student Competition Events, and more!
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“I was tasked with putting on a two week symposium to cover a years’ worth of live events in a virtual format. I had no idea how to even start this project, but with the Acadiate platform I was transformed into what my team called a “wizard”. Acadiate made me look like I knew exactly what I was doing and the entire event went off without a hitch! I would recommend Acadiate to anyone wanting to have a virtual event without reservation.”

Cristy L Boarman
Office Manager and Post-Award Analyst

Create Engaging Student Experiences Faster Than Ever

Easy to Use

No tech background required. Acadiate makes it easy for ANYONE to create amazing student experiences.

On the Fly Changes

Dynamically update and change your student experience at any time, even during live events.


Run the same event yearly, quarterly, or monthly? Save significant time by re-deploying past experiences fully or in part.


Get support from the Acadiate team as you build out your event.

90 Day Window

All events come with a standard 90 day window with options to go longer or shorter.

Mobile Ready

Experiences are designed to automatically work on smart phones without downloading a 3rd party app.


Make sure your experiences happen. Hybrid events can easily transition to fully functional online experiences.


Get better insights on your events and student experiences whether online or in-person.


Using industry security and privacy best practices.


“I found Acadiate much easier than other options we've tried for our recent remote events. The event itself went well and received several compliments from campus leaders for how "fun" the site looked, how easy and flexible it was to navigate, and how smooth the live portions went”

Corwin Senko
Associate Professor

The Best Online Student Experiences

Today’s students have higher expectations of online experiences. They want more than what an LMS can deliver. With Acadiate, you can empower, engage, and measure your students with targeted interactive online hubs that provide centralized access to content, peer collaboration, communities, events, resource materials, and on-demand recordings.

Fully Customizable

Customize events and experiences to make them feel more personal and inclusive to your students. From poster sessions, to open houses, to career fairs, and much more.

Empower Students

With Acadiate, students can play an active role by directly sharing their own content and participating in your online experiences.

Visually Stunning

Visually driven engagement experiences on Acadiate are professional-looking and media-rich.

Easy External Access

Unlike LMS systems, Acadiate makes it easy to include employers, prospective students, alumni, special guests, and more.

Highly Interactive

Get students excited with seamless, enhanced interactivity with their favourite services like Instagram, Kahoot, Discord, Zoom, and more

Hybrid Experiences

Seamlessly marry in-person experiences with online experiences that complement each other. Better measure student engagement at in-person events.

Flexible and Affordable Solutions at Event, Program, and Institution Levels.

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