Create Communities Unbounded by Time

Communities last 90 days by default, with great options to archive or extend.

Get a standard 90 day window for all communities

Limiting online communities to a few days removes a lot of the value offered by hosting communities online.

See #1 in our Article on the 10 Best Practices for Online Events

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Images of pre, launch, and post with audience

Enables effective audience engagement strategies Pre/Post

Don't rush your audience, enable them to fully consume your event prior to its live component. This ensures attendees are fully prepared and ready to interact during the live event times.

Everyone is busy. Enable your attendees to return after the event closes to re-engage and reflect on the events content and messages.

See #2 in our Article on the 10 Best Practices for Online Events

Expand reach and convenience

Keeping your event open outside of traditional live hours is an easy yet powerful way increase the number of attendees who can attend you event. Resulting in increased visits and appreciation from attendees who otherwise wouldn't have been able to attend.

Picture of Event with pre-pended event

Option to archive, append/join together different events

Have you events build upon each other. Leverage work that has been done in prior events to help set the bar for future events. This is a great way to build a repository of content that can be used for training, orientation, and reference material for faculty, students, or employees.

Options for Extending the life of your events, even permanently

Build a repository of training and reference material

Orientation material for new employees or for faculty resources

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