Online Academic Community Platform

All the tools for creating the best higher ed virtual and hybrid communities

Make your communities and events EASILY

Setup quickly in a flexible no-code environment

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Events like poster sessions can be organized in as little as an afternoon. If you are stuck for time and need to move your event online ASAP, Acadiate is the right choice.


Make your communities UNFORGETTABLE

Communities are clean, professional, and are automatically mobile friendly.

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Make your communities ENGAGING

Boost engagement endless ways to connect, interact & develop relationships

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Make your communities LAST

All Acadiate communities have a standard 90 day window, and can be extended or archived

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Make your community secure, reliable, accessible, while respecting user and attendee privacy

Our roots are in academia and that means security and privacy is at the core of our events.

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Make your on-campus communities more inclusive

The emergence of hybrid events and communities means that those on and off campus have an opportunity to participate

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Make better decisions with data

Get reports and metrics from communities so you can see what is and isn't working.