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Easy to Use and Intuitive

Most Acadiate users master the portfolio building process in under 5 minutes. No coding required.

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Total Ownership and Privacy

Unlike portfolios solutions administered by schools - you are in total control of your account.

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Organized for Teaching Data

Our specialized categories help ensure that you are collecting the right teaching data for success.

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Reflect on your Practice

Acadiate makes it easier to capture and reflect on your overall teaching practice so you can make smarter career decisions.

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Career Development Resources

Acadiate has resources and webinars that will help you understand how to more clearly showcase your value and accelerate your career.

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Share and Get Feedback

Share your digital portfolio with anyone online using a private link. Your viewers can also you leave feedback on your portfolio.

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Create Simple Bios or Comprehensive Portfolios

Whether you are looking to create a basic page for a bio to get started, or you have loads of items you want to share - Acadiate can work for you.
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Create Unlimited Portfolios

Portfolios can be a difference maker for you in many different applications. With Acadiate you aren't limited to one portfolio, you can create as many as you'd like so you can fine tune your message to your audience.

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Teaching Dossiers for Tenure

Teaching Dossiers are required for advancement at most top institutions.

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Simple Online Bios

Give students and peers a simple and clean way to learn more about you and your work.

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Research Portfolios

Portfolios are a great way to organize, share, and get feedback on your research.

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