University of Illinois Springfield

STARS (Student Technology, Arts, and Research Symposium)

Welcome to the 2021 UIS Student, Technology, Arts & Research Symposium (STARS)!

Here you will find the work by the wonderful students engaging in research at UIS.

You will see information about and links that will connect you to this year’s live Zoom events: Keynote Speaker, Literary Journal Launch, Theatrical Play, Outstanding Master’s Thesis Awards, and Faculty Mentor Awards.

There are Zoom Q&A Sessions for the Visual Arts Posters & Creative Works, Poster Session, and Pre-recorded Presentations. You can view students’ abstracts, images, posters, and presentations here on the symposium site and then join us live with your questions. For the Visual Arts, students will all be in one room waiting to engage in conversation with you and for the Poster Session and Pre-recorded Presentations, you will be able to move between Breakout Rooms to engage with the individual or group of student researchers.

Additionally, there are Live Zoom Presentations. The times for each student are listed within their individual tiles or on the STARS website in the schedule. These will take place in one Zoom session, please pay attention to the times if you are wanting to join for just one student, but we would love to see you for the full event.

You can engage in discussion via comments on this symposium site as well if you are unable to attend the live sessions. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the students’ work!

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