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NCNA Council of Nurse Practitioners – Coastal Region

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    The Coastal NP Region is comprised of Brunswick, New Hanover, Onslow and Pender counties. NPs that live or work in these counties are eligible to participate in Coastal Region events and networking. The region has had an active email listserve for many years. Information from NCNA regarding NP practice and information about local events have passed through this listserve for years. The Coastal Region has many talented and active NPs that are working to create a more structured arena within which to network.

    The North Carolina Nurses Association exists to promote nursing in North Carolina. Years ago, the NP Council divided NC into regions to encourage networking. Regions are similar to the districts that NCNA also divides NC into. Districts were divided first, based on the locations of RNs in the state. Regions came later, and are not necessarily the same as the district divisions because regions are based on where NPs lived and worked at the time of the creation of the regions.

    We try to meet at least once a month. If you are interested in becoming active in the Coastal Region, Please Contact Us