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Curb the Rain

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  • Construction
  • Early Stage Finalist
  • Curb the Rain acts as an intermediary between porous concrete producers and end-users, municipalities, commercial landowners, or residential landowners, who have struggled to adapt to increasingly intense weather events from climate change. Our products and projects help end users adapt to increased rainfall in urban areas by increasing their storage capacity while decreasing the capital costs typically associated with these projects.


    Borys Brodziuk – Executive Team

    Christina Elliott – Executive Team

    Lauren O’Malley – Executive Team

    Nandaraye Choi – Executive Team



    Duncan Jones – iCube Mentor

    Doug Buch – PaveDrain

    Jennifer Drake – Civil Engineering Professor


    Customer Problem

    Increasing rainfall from intense weather events puts additional strain on city and residential infrastructure.  Typical solutions to this problem have been large infrastructure projects, that are costly, disruptive, and resource-intensive. 


    Product/Service Solution

    The Curb the Rain system provides customers and end-users a reinvented stormwater flooding management system for problem areas, which improves current capacity at a lower cost.


    Target Market 

    Our target market will be landowners who want to reduce damage from intense rainfall events and municipalities who are looking for increased stormwater management capacity at lower costs.


    Current Customers

    We currently have no customers.