LW Parks Lectureship in Microbiology

DEI Panel Discussion, Student Flash Talks, Distinguished Lectureship

On March 28-29, 2022, the Leo W. Parks Endowment in Microbiology will feature three events - a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Discussion Panel, Student Flash Talk Sessions, and the Distinguished Lecture by Dr. Manu Prakash of Stanford University. All are invited to participate in these events through online links provided below. The deadline for Flash Talk submission by undergraduate and graduate students is March 21, 2022. All are invited to join the activities throughout the day of “All Things Microbiology.” Please complete this google form by March 7th to sign up for a flash talk.

The L.W. Parks Endowment for Microbiology and other activities is made possible by contributions honoring Dr. Leo Parks, prior Department Head and faculty member of the NC State University Department of Microbiology. The endowment was created through generous donations made by his former graduate students, faculty, friends, and continuing support by the Parks family. Read more about Leo Parks and his contributions to Microbiology at NCSU HERE.

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