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Nurse Practitioner Association of South Dakota

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    The Nurse Practitioner Association of South Dakota was established in August of 1997 to foster practitioner practice in South Dakota. Members come from all specialty areas of practice. Cohesiveness of Nurse Practitioners, regardless of area of practice, is a primary creed of the organization. The development of a communication network for NPs, an instrument for the promotion of continuing education, and an organization to promote the profession are some of the major goals of the organization.


    • Increase the educational opportunities for primary health care nurse practitioners
    • Identify best practices/models in providing NP educational programs
    • Scholarship support for NP students, including those pursuing their masters and doctoral degrees
    • Support the integration of NP education into a variety of collaborative inter-professional working environments

    Mission Statement

    • To promote unity of the nurse practitioner profession across the state, provide opportunities for education, networking with colleagues, and opportunities for political involvement.