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Houston Area Chapter of NAPNAP

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    The Houston Area Chapter of NAPNAP advocates for children, infants through young adults, and provides leadership for Nurse Practitioners who provide primary health care in a variety of settings. We encourage you to become active in our group and enroll in our website to receive our news, announcements and invites to upcoming events.

    Until 1985, the Texas Chapter of NAPNAP rotated to different cities yearly. In 1984, the Houston contingent was inspired to form a second chapter. The ten founding members worked diligently to form a local chapter. This driving force was a much needed support system for PNPs in the Houston area. The founding members' efforts resulted in the Houston Area Chapter, which was officially founded on March 15, 1985. The members of the Houston Area Chapter of NAPNAP wish to thank the charter members for their support and inspiration.

    Charter Members

    • Nancy Barber
    • Mary Choroszy
    • Deborah Parks
    • Regina Olson
    • Becky Pack
    • Ann Poulin
    • Kay Royal
    • Margie Ugalde
    • Hallie Zietz