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Vermont Nurse Practitioners Association

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    Promote and advocate for nurse practitioners in the delivery of high-quality, evidence-based healthcare statewide.


    All Vermonters will have access to high-quality, equitable, patient-centered, affordable healthcare. The nurse practitioner workforce in Vermont will be supported through education, advocacy, professional development, mentorship, and community outreach.


    ◦ Advocate for and serve as the voice of nurse practitioners in Vermont.

    ◦ Protect Full Practice Authority and the nurse practitioner role within the State of Vermont.

    ◦ Provide continuing education and networking opportunities for nurse practitioners.

    ◦ Encourage the recruitment and retention of nurse practitioners in Vermont.

    ◦Support students in pursuit of their academic goals, and as they transition into the nurse practitioner role.

    ◦Actively participate in the health policy arena, to support programs and initiatives that aim to improve the health of patients across all Vermont communities.

    ◦Support and promote the dissemination of research and quality improvement.

    ◦Collaborate with entities aligned with the mission and vision of the VNPA.

    ◦Be organizationally and fiscally responsible, transparent, and accountable to members.