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Nurse Practitioners of Oregon

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    Established in 1977, the Nurse Practitioners of Oregon (NPO) is a special interest group of the Oregon Nurses Association (ONA).

    Since its inception, NPO has played a significant role in the expanded scope of practice, prescribing authority, and improved payment parity, related to insurance billing, for nurse practitioners in the state.

    Membership in ONA means that an NP is automatically a member of NPO.

    ONA is lead by the ONA Board of Directors and NPO also has an executive committee, elected by NP members. Staff support to our leadership team is also supplied by ONA.

    Click here to visit the ONA website for more information on the Oregon Nurses Association


    NPO Purpose & Relevancy

    NPO’s primary goal is to support the ability of NPs to effectively and sustainably function in the health care system. Health care has taken a prominent place on the national and state political agendas. The road from the current plight of our health care system to the desired outcome is long and fraught with challenges.

    Since 1977, NPO has been the voice for NPs in Oregon. The organization is a powerful advocate for increasing the scope of NP practice and improving health care in the state. In today’s challenging and ever-changing healthcare environment, NPO’s role advocating for individuals, communities and the health care system is more important than ever. It will continue to be a powerful force of stability, support and connections for nurse practitioners.

    NPs need to connect, to unite, and to promote our unique contribution to health care. NPs need practical tools and ongoing educational opportunities to be continually responding not only to health care advances, but also to political realities than impact their practice. NPs need to continue to organize and advocate for practice conditions that allow them to maximize their contribution to health across the state. 

    NPO holds the space and provides benefits and services to create these conditions. Forces that seek to elevate financial savings for businesses over quality health care are counting on division and lack of organization among providers and consumers. By connecting and working together we can find solutions that both provide excellent care AND wise stewardship of resources.