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Air & Surface Transport Nurses Association

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    ASTNA members belong to the national level. Every active member has the opportunity to participate in the organizational leadership structure. The twelve-member Board of Directors is a governing body and serves its members through the assistance of an Executive Director (paid/contracted position with a management firm). Activities not requiring Board approval are handled by the Executive Director and the Executive Committee, which is comprised of the President, President-Elect, Past-President and Secretary/Treasurer.

    Board members are elected by general membership ballot and serve a three-year term; each year the President of ASTNA designates a Board Liaison for each region within the United States. Committees are part of the leadership structure and report to the Board of Directors. The President (with Board approval) appoints committees as needed. The Board monitors and assists in this process by assigning liaisons to each committee.

    Mission Statement

    The Air & Surface Transport Nurses Association (also known as National Flight Nurses Association) is a nonprofit member organization whose mission is to advance the practice of transport nursing and enhance the quality of patient care through commitment to safety and education.


    • Founded in 1980/1981 Incorporated as NFNA (National Flight Nurse Association)
    • 1998 started doing business as ASTNA (Air & Surface Transport Nurse Association)
    • Approximately 2,500 members